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Estimate How Many Sheets of Plywood You Need

            Before you begin your project, it’s important that you know roughly how many sheets of plywood you’ll need to complete the job. Ordering too many sheets of plywood will waste your time and money, plus you’ll have to spend extra time finding a use for all those scrap pieces.

The Plywood Calculator below will help you estimate how big your project surface is and how many sheets you’ll actually need.

            Use this Plywood Calculator to estimate how many sheets you’ll need to cover a wall, floor, ceiling, or other flat surface with plywood.

Input the cost per sheet of plywood and the percentage of waste you’d like left over to personalize your results and estimate the overall cost of your project.

How It Works?

  • Input Your Surface Area Dimensions

First, input the dimensions of the surface you need to cover in feet, inches, yards, centimeters, or meters. By multiplying the area’s length and width, the calculator will find the total surface area.

  • Input Your Plywood Sheet Dimensions

Next, enter the dimensions of the plywood sheets you want to purchase. You only need to enter the length and width of a single sheet of plywood.

You also have the option to input the price per square foot of a sheet of plywood and the percent of waste you estimate you’ll need.

These options can be useful if you want an estimate of the total cost of plywood for your project or if you’d like a few sheets left over once you’re done.

  • See Your Results

Once you’ve entered the dimensions of your surface area and the dimensions of a single sheet of plywood, the Plywood Calculator will get to work.

It will calculate the surface area of your project and divide the project’s surface area by the surface area of one sheet of plywood. This will calculate the number of sheets required to completely cover the project’s surface area.

You can also convert these measurements from square feet to square inches, yards, miles, acres, centimeters, or meters.

Using the number of sheets estimated to complete your project, the plywood price you inputted, and the preferred percentage of waste you may have inputted, the calculator will then estimate the total cost of the project.

If the total cost of the project is more than your budget, you may need to buy cheaper plywood or decrease your percentage of waste.