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As fun as playing a video game is for the gamers, here’s something more interesting. A KD ratio calculator! Where K stands for kill and D stands for death.

A KD Calculator is an advanced technology built in games to help players monitor their level of progress per time, especially as regards the number of kills, assist and deaths recorded during the session.

A KD ratio calculator is used mostly in fighting and shooting video games. It helps players know exactly how many times they are being killed as well as how often they kill their opponents in the game.

Unlike the old ways, the KD calculator also helps players compare their results at the end of the game with other players, this makes it an awesome inclusion as players all around are able to compare their skill levels and check for upgrades where necessary.

KD Calculator however is the systemic mechanism used to determine the player’s proficiency. It ultimately describes the amount of kills and deaths achieved by any player in a game.

It’s one metric for measuring how good or skilled a player is in a given video game. For instance, a player having 5 kills and 1 death is said to be really great because it means he’s killing more than he’s been killed and that is a win.

The goal of the KD calculator is to keep players constantly viewing their ratios, be it death or kill ratios so that they are better equipped to determine what outcome they get at the end of the game.

Most fascinating feature of the calculator is that it helps you know the number of kills required to give you your desired ratio if making it to the faZe clan is a heart cry.

The KD calculator is very easy to operate and can be used by anyone. It can be used for an entire game career as well.

You don’t need any special skill to be able to use the calculator. All that’s required is simply inputting your kills/deaths ratios and it does the calculation for you.