- Quick Introduction

Quick Introduction

General posting guidelines

  • Use EQ tags for LaTeX equations on their own lines, and IEQ to render inline equations.
  • Only include LaTeX between those tags; anything else should be placed outside of them.
  • Write in the text box like you would when posting to any forum. Special tags for formatting are allowed ([B]bold[/B] and [I]italics[/I]).
  • Submit the post, then copy the link from the location bar at the top of your browser. Paste this link in a forum, on IRC, or through IM to let others see what might otherwise be impossible to explain.

Please note that the posts are not permanent. They have a reasonably long lifetime, but they may be deleted after a sufficiently long time (months, or years. It depends on the volume of posts the site receives.)

If you do not know LaTeX

Popular mathematics software

Most popular math applications have a function to export snippets as LaTeX. Here is a quick overview:

  • Mathematica has a TeXForm[] function.
  • Maple has a latex() function.
  • Matlab also has a latex() function.