- Desktop Application

Mathbin Desktop Application

The idea is pretty straight-forward. It'd be nice for users to be able to easily post to Mathbin from their desktop using a more feature-full editor than I am able to reasonably provide with HTML and Javascript.

What I have in mind is an editor similar to Tex Fog.

The Pitch

Got an itch to write something, but can't think of any useful wheels that haven't been invented a million times before?

If so, then that's perfect! I want you to write this.

My personal project queue is about a thousand times longer than the amount of time I have to spend on anything.

What's in it for you?

Technical Details

Ideally we would have a separate desktop app for each desktop environment (Cocoa, GTK+ and/or KDE, and Windows)... however this is probably impractical. As such, a more suitable initial goal is a cross-platform Java app.

The site has a backend script, It accepts the following optional parameters: name (the user's name), and title (the title for the post). One of these two parameters is required: eq (an equation, without EQ or IEQ tags), or body (complete body for the post, marked up as you would from the website).

For an example of the backend in action, check out this !mathbin plugin for the Pipsqueek IRC bot.

If you're interested

If you're interested in working on this, email me or come to #idlemonkeys on (

The backend script is totally up for change, by the way. So if you have some great idea but that limited backend doesn't cut it, by all means let me know.