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Creation of this site was started due to simple necessity.

I often like to help people with math and physics problems on forums and in IRC. However, as I'm sure you're aware, if you try to use plain text to communicate any but the simplest math, it becomes a nightmare to read.

All too often you need to use excessive parentheses to show how things are arranged, then the reader has to parse this in their head and mentally recreate how it would look written on paper or in a textbook. You also need to write out many things like "sum", "integrate", and so on. Then the icing on the cake is when you're trying to describe matrices or worst of all, vectors. We find ourselves coming up with silly notation, then explaining our notation like r-> and r^ for "r vector" and "r hat" (the latter too often confused with exponents).

Contrast the following:

"del cross B-> = mu_0(J-> + ep_0 partial(E->)/dt)"
or even
"del x B = mu_0(J + ep_0 dE/dt) where E and B are vectors and that's a partial derivative"
example equation

There no question about it: the rendered image is far easier to read.

People involved.

Mark A. Stratman - I came up with the idea, wrote the software, created the site, and all that jazz.

Leo, Stu, Zach, Yakbak, and many others from Idlemonkeys have given loads of feedback, ideas, testing, and other help.

Shaun was my go-to guy for all things involving server support when the site was on its old server. He installed countless bits of software, CPAN modules, set up DNS, and so on.

Cyon (also named Mark) provided the old server and internet connectivity for the site (it's now hosted by me (the other Mark)).

Contact, or more information

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or want to help out you can email me (fix the email address before sending. Sorry for the inconvenience, it's to reduce spam.)